Baby Animals

BabyTickles wants to be with your baby at all times, sharing adventures and dreams. That is why we have designed our Baby Animals.

These “Baby Animals” are perfect for babies and toddlers starting at 6 months. They are made of quality materials, and they have simple and fun designs.

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Each Soft-Toy is very special

They have their own story and personality.

They can be the perfect friend for your baby during his/her development. Choose the best Baby Animal for her or him.


Nico has an imagination as big as the sun. He loves the stories his mommy tells him. If you see Nico a bit distracted, ask him what he’s thinking about. You will be amazed by his imagination. Maybe one day, he will tell you he has been the first cat to travel to the moon.

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Calvin has always lived in the snow. Everything that surrounds him is white. But one day, he saw a picture of a green field in a book. Since then, he dreams of a girl or a boy who would take him to know the grass, so that he can fill his eyes with colors.

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Elliot speaks very low and sometimes, we cannot understand what he is saying. He is very shy. You need to give him a few hugs and he will be ready to play. Once he is playing, he will not stop.

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Ruby is a lovely bear. If one day you see her sad, hug her and you will see her smile. Hugs are like magic for Ruby. Take her with you everywhere.

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Those big ears that jump and jump are Lu’s. She jumps and jumps with her pink paws. She’s always playing with her rabbit brothers and looking for fresh carrots in the field to share them with joy.

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