How can I clean my products?

The best advice is to hand wash the products to preserve them in good condition for a longer period,  as they are handcrafted products, they require a special attention.

You can hand wash them in warm soapy water and laid flat to dry.



Are the products safe for my baby?

Yes, the products are specifically designed for babies and toddlers.

BabyTickles is committed to offering safe and baby friendly products.


What are they made of?

Most of the products are made with American cotton fabrics, but we use different kinds of fabrics.

Fillings are made using synthetic stuffing.


My order is a Gift. Can you wrap it?

Of course! We will love for the birthday boy/girl to receive the gift in a lovely package.

We can use decorative paper; we will keep it inside a cardboard box with the BabyTickles logo.

The product is shipped with a card. You can select the message.


Will my baby be allergic to the products?

It is not very likely as most of the products are made using cotton fabrics.

But if you notice that the baby is allergic to the product, it is possible for the return policy to be applied.


How do you ship or deliver the products?

We can send the products by mail to the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Tracking numbers will be provided after purchase confirmation.


Do you take custom orders?

At this moment, we cannot take custom orders, but we hope to let you know in the future when we can do it. Hopefully, we will be doing it soon!


Where can I buy the products? 

You can buy the products online on our Website or Facebook