Our Baby Bin is the perfect gift because is a unique and super cute way to tell those new moms that you are happy for them.

Includes a plush toy, a lovely security blanket, a square pillow and a comfy throw pillow, all of them inside a modern storage bin.


Calvin, the Penguin is a  sweet stuffed handmade animal for little babies and toddlers. His colors are navy blue and cream. He wears a yellow woven hat.

Materials: American Cotton, Fleece and Soft Yarn and Synthetic Stuffing.

Size: 11.81in (H) X 13.77 in (W)


This toddler or baby pillow has a square shape in yellow and blue, with Calvin ‘s figure in the middle.

Materials: American Cotton, Duck Canvas Fabric, Fleece Fabric, and Synthetic Stuffing.

Size: 13.77x13.77 inches


Calvin’s blanket is perfect to become a favorite for your baby to snuggle with. The security blanket has a Penguin Head, ideal for grabbing, shaking, jingling, chewing, and especially slobbering.

Materials: American Cotton,  Gauze Fabric, Felt, Squeaker, and Synthetic Stuffing.

Size:  Blanket  17.71-19.68 in ( H)  x 17.71- 19.68 in (W) , Head 3.93x 3.93 in


Add a modern and cute touch to your baby’s crib with this little penguin pillow.

Materials: American Cotton, Fleece Fabric, Felt and Synthetic Stuffing.

Size: 11.81 in (H) x 9.05 in (W)


Woven Paper storage Basket or Bin, collapsible and convenient for baby toys.

Materials: Woven paper with soft cotton rope handles knotted through grommets

Size: 15x14x10 in


Each one of our creation is handmade and have its unique stitches and hand embroidered face.

Price: $120.00

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